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SHIFT is committed to providing resources to the community. Whether you are interested in starting your Encore Career, focusing on volunteerism or looking to start a new job. We have assembled a library of articles and other resources that will help you as you navigate your own personal SHIFT.


article_969_4Ageism and the Job Hunt

Ageism is a reality. It’s important for job seekers to be aware of this, but also to focus on their unique strengths in the job search.  Human resources guru and Forbes contributor Liz Ryan echoes the World Health Organization’s observation, but on the domestic front. She writes: “Age discrimination is everywhere. I hear more examples of age discrimination than I hear about sex discrimination, racial discrimination, and every other kind put together.”

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The Most Competitive Workforce in the World.

The Governor’s Workforce Development Council updated their recommendations from the Executive Committee in 2013.  This comprehensive report provides an overview of Minnesota adult workforce statistics, issues and suggests recommended actions.

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Focus On: Encore Careers

Social + Security = Encore Careers

More than 4.5 million people aged 50-70 identify themselves as working in encore careers today – and another 21 million are preparing to move into their own encore careers withint the next five years.’s 2014 research shows that the encore career trend is re-emerging with new resilience as the economy recovers.  Read the Research Brief Here.

It’s Not Coal Mining

The current generation of 50 somethings wants to keep working. And for the majority who are doing work requiring more brain than brawn, it won’t hurt. “You’re not mining coal; you can handle it,” says Robert Skladany, an expert in older-workforce issues and vice president of research at retirement

But wanting a job and finding one are two different things. Newsweek magazine offers some tips for finding the job that will take you through the early years of your “retirement.”

Focus On: Volunteerism, Internships, Civic Activism

Making Big Change with Pocket Change

In a time of economic downturn, the success of a burgeoning charitable organization might seem unlikely. But University of Minnesota staff member Eric Schnell is seeking to turn the tide of generosity, one dollar at a time.

The organization mission is to alleviate poverty by raising large numbers of small donations. Its core message suggests donating just 99 cents.

Attract Older Volunteers

Richard Bergeron of Minneapolis, 68, recently completed two years of AmeriCorps service with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and a year of VISTA service with Minneapolis Public Schools.

Aside from the personal satisfaction, he needs a small bump to his retirement income to pay the bills. So he was excited to learn that the new Serve America Act has modified the rules to his advantage.