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For employers, the SHIFT Career Site facilitates the creation of a powerful talent database of relevant, skilled candidates, streamlining recruitment efforts.  Employers will have direct access to place job openings in targeted communities, regional municipalities, or associations that cater to specific skills and certifications.


The SHIFT Career Site is hosted by Brainhunter and connected to the Brainhunter network of Career Sites and TalentFlow Applicant Tracking Systems.This strategic alliance allow SHiFT employer/partners to leverage a vast and growing network of job boards and career sites,promote the highest level of visibility for an employer’s career postings. brainhunter_logo

Employers using the TalentFlow Applicant Tracking System have the option of posting jobs directly to any Brainhunter hosted Career Site or Brainhunter Job Board, and reaching job seekers from across the vast job board network.  This system includes many of the major job posting sites, as well as a network of local job boards that ensure your job listing is seen not only by SHIFT members, but also a nation-wide pool of highly qualified potential candidates.


Additionally, your posting string is search engine optimized (SEO), providing the highest possible visibility across all major search engines.


The VALUE of a SHIFT Job Posting


Your posting will help support the SHIFT organization and it’s members.  By utilizing the SHIFT career site for your job listings, you not only gain access to major job boards at typically less than HALF THE COST of posting direct, but you also support SHIFT and its members in a positive and meaningful way.


Thank you for posting your jobs with SHIFT.



Register and post your open job positions on the SHIFT Career Site, and gain access to the highest quality candidates available while also supporting SHIFT and its members.


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