WORKSHOP: Organizational Journaling For Taming Retirement Syndrome

Introduction to Organizational Journaling (OJO):
How to create a structure for goal setting, connections and purpose that work for you

Perhaps you’ve worked with a financial planner and have a strategy in place for budgeting and saving for when you retire. But very few of us are aware of, much less have given any real thought to, what it takes to navigate those emotional transitions regarding our departure from the familiar world of full-time employment.
“Retirement Syndrome” is a term for the possible disorientation experienced when 3 Key Aspects formerly fulfilled by your work life-structure, social connection and purpose–require finding satisfying substitutions.
While there is no “quick-fix” for this unique life chapter, curiosity and a willingness to take action over time are all that is required.

What to expect in this session.

During this 2 hour session, you’ll participate in interactive and thoughtful exercises to expand upon the concepts presented in Bob Koehler’s SHIFT forum on Authentic Aging, and clarify what it is that you want in your retirement.  You’ll be introduced to the components of Organizational Journaling (OJO) and how they can help you create the structure, connections and purpose that work for you.  More importantly, you’ll learn how to gather data while you experiment with and explore options, and take action based on that data, rather than relying on perception and memory.
You’ll have time in the workshop to create the method you’ll use to capture your progress, track your experience, and inspire further investment in your day-to-day quality of life.
The reflective type of journaling you may be familiar with can be incorporated into your OJO if you like, but it is not required and is not a focus of this workshop.

About our Trainer / Facilitator

Deb Schanilec moved often as a child and as an adult, living and working overseas, going through a divorce, parenting a special needs child, getting laid off–Deb has experienced her share of life’s up and downs. Out of necessity, and also as a result of a lifelong passion for identifying best-practices for a life well-lived, she became an expert at managing stress, creating tools and communities of support, and learning new ways of being that helped her not only cope with whatever life placed on her path, but eventually thrive wherever she was planted.

Around the time she attained “a certain age” to begin receiving AARP mailings, she also bumped into the term “Retirement Syndrome”.  The more she researched the phenomenon, she realized that the unique knowledge base and skill set she had acquired over the years to navigate the emotional side of difficult transitions was exactly what was called for in taming this one as well.
A class she has taught on Organizational Journaling for several years has offered techniques and practices for leading an uncluttered, focused and creative life that is reflected back to you from totally individualized, non-pre-printed notebook pages that work the way your brain works, and not the other way around.
She applied that same methodology to this specific set of circumstances for herself; Thriving Retirement was born out of that personal life-lab experience. Now she shares what she discovered with folks thinking about retirement, who have left full-time work behind for several years, or are thinking about pulling that trigger tomorrow. You’re not alone, and it does get better!

Event Details and Registration

Wednesday, May 15
6:30 pm  –  8:30 pm Workshop


AARP-MN Conference Room at the Mall of America
Mall of America, 228 West Market, 2nd floor on the West Side
Bloomington, MN, 55425
SHIFT Members: $35.00
Non-Members: $70.00


We’re looking forward to seeing you!!

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