Submit Your Event




If you have a community event, article or workshop that you believe would be of interest to the SHIFT membership, and it aligns with the core purpose and direction of SHIFT, you may submit a request for addition to our calendar and community resource page. Providing a submission does not guarantee your announcement will be listed, but consideration will be given to all events submitted.

  • Announcements of community events are typically NOT broadcast to our member list. They may be posted on the website as a web announcement and/or added to the SHIFT Calendar.
  • SHIFT reserves the right to edit content for purposes of readability and formatting, while staying true to the original submission direction.
  • Material must be written and submitted USING THE FORM BELOW by a member of the organization.
  • Web announcements cannot promote regularly recurring meetings, religious services, appeals for funds that would benefit a single individual or family, or are cause-oriented protests/demonstrations/rallies/marches. Sales promotions by commercial enterprises do not qualify unless 100 percent of the promotion’s revenue is donated to SHIFT or another charity, or they have first been approved by the SHIFT finance & business committee.
  • Announcements should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired first publication date.
  • Please be certain your announcement answers the five W’s:
    1.      WHO is the organization sponsoring the event?
    2.      WHAT is the event and what is happening that would interest the general public?
    3.      WHEN will the event happen? (Include dates and times.)
    4.      WHERE will the event happen? (Include the street address and directions if the site is difficult to find.)
    5.      WHY is the event important to the SHIFT community … why are you raising funds or promoting awareness/the cause/the issue?