SHIFT WORKSHOPS: How to Gain Back Your Confidence designed by Bob Voss

How to GAIN back your self-confidence when your self-confidence has taken a hit!


This hands-on workshop designed by Bob Voss is specifically focused on helping job seekers, people in transition, or anyone who has lost their confidence to help them quickly get it back!  If your self-confidence has taken a hit, come to this workshop and create your own personal plan for gaining back what you lost!  Formatted as an in-depth,  3-hour workshop, topics that will be covered include:

  • The confidence scale – where do you fall?
  • How to assess your confidence level and decide the specific area that you really need more self-confidence to succeed.
  • Outline and overview of the PLAN on how to gain back your self-confidence in any area of your life.
  • The 3 critical focus areas that make up self-confidence.
  • Using the Power of 3 to get started.
  • Creating your personal self-confidence plan that you can implement immediately.

If you’ve been thinking you could use a little more self assurance in your personal and professional life, or wondering where the ‘brave and confident you’ of the past has disappeared and you are looking to re-ignite your confidence, this workshop is for you!

Two Sessions to Choose From:

(Both sessions are identical, so choose the date that works best for you)

Time:  Workshops run from 9:00 am  – 12:30 pm
Location:   AARP Conference Room, Mall of America
Event fee: $35 for members; $70 for non-members

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Tuesday, February 26th

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Saturday,  March 2nd

About our Workshop Creator:

bob vossBob has helped over 1000 people start their own small businesses over the past 17 years.  He is now turning his attention to helping job seekers, people in transition and small business owners become more self-confident in their skills and abilities so they can build the life of their dreams.   Bob is an instructor in the Business Entrepreneur Program at Dakota County Technical College. His background includes the starting, managing, and developing of five businesses, and he is currently the chief manager of BizOwner Training, LLC, an online assessment company. In 2008 the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship named him Entrepreneur Instructor of the Year. Bob is the author of the book, 21 Question Business/Success Plan™.


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