Life as an Art?

Make room for play in your working life!

We first get the message as kids, and for the rest of our lives we carry it with us: “When you’re done working, then you can play.” But the rationale behind that admonition is a lie, says Andy Weisberg. And he argues that believing the lie is at the heart of the daily stress and general misery that many of us experience.

In his April 6th SHIFT Forum presentation, “Life as an Art?” Andy will make the case that work and play are sides of the same coin; they’re not mutually exclusive. As he puts it, “the best work is the work we play, and the best play is the play we work at.” In his discussion, he’ll focus on the things that make us better at relationships, better communicators, better teammates, better husbands and wives, better parents, and better people.

About our speaker

Andy Weisberg is an author, professional speaker, and personal growth coach. He spent 20 years as a successful actor, director, theater teacher, and performance consultant at multiple universities, and then enjoyed another 20 years as a successful corporate trainer, an organizational development specialist, and ultimately a director of talent development. Andy’s new book, Laid Off and Crazy Happy–Memoirs of a Houseband, is a commentary on defining your life and enjoying it to the fullest.

Monday, April 6, 2015
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00-8:30 pm
Location: Minnesota State University Mankato at Edina
7700 France Avenue South
Edina, MN 55435


Event fee: $10 for members; $20 for non-members

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