Core Programs

SHIFT Core Programs


SHIFT core programs include: Circles, SHiFTing In and Out of Neutral, Forums, LifeWork ReImagined, True North Groups, and Special Events. 


Our programs are designed to address the four key questions at the milestone of midlife:  Who Am I Now?  What Do I Want?  How Do I Get There?  How Do I Sustain It?


SHiFT Circles

Everyone is a Learner. Everyone is a Teacher.

SHiFT Forums

Fresh Insights for Life

SHiFTing In and Out of Neutral

Moving with the Dance of Life

LifeWork ReImagined – A Deeper Dive

Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck

What Does It Take To Be a Facilitator?

Participation, Collaboration, Results

Live The Moment

Collaboration, Harmony and Fun

Employer Events

Best Practices, Advocacy, Critical Resources

 True North Groups

Awareness, Authenticity, Inspiration