Life Reimagined Checkup

What’s next?


Life_Reimagined-Real PossibilitiesLife Reimagined Checkup is a 90-minute experience designed by AARP to help you understand where you are in life and what your next move might be.

Led by AARP Certified Guides, you’ll engage in personal reflection, insightful activities, and meaningful conversations. With powerful exercises, you’ll gain insights to uncover your special gifts, connect with people who can support you, and map the next steps on your journey.  This SHIFT-facilitated workshop will help guide you toward achieving your “what’s next”.

Life Reimagined Guides

susanhawkinsGuide: Susan Hawkins, Transition Coach
WHAT I DO: I work with people who are “stuck.”
Through facilitating personal growth through life changes,  I help provide a vision for the future for midlifers in transition who are trying to determine both a personal and professional path.

Guide: Catherine Mullinax-Jones, Certified Life Coach
WHAT I DO: I coach individuals through feedback, observations and coalescing ideas. helping them to find their own answers by asking the right questions.
I help people explore other perspectives, identify solutions and navigate life transitions.

Guide: David Alley, EdD
WHAT I DO:  I work with people to help them successfully navigate life and work transition. There’s no college for midlife work transition. We are the on ramp to what’s next.
A whole new stage of life and work, at midlife and beyond, is emerging with opportunities abundant. It’s time we discover them… together.

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