Leading You, Leading Others, Leading Change

Leadership, which can be defined as “helping others be successful,” is all about leading in three areas: leading yourself, leading others, and leading change. In this three-part LeaderSHIFT program, you’ll tackle topics such as:

  • The power of assumptions and thinking patterns
  • Managing your stress and energy
  • Five awareness questions
  • Candor, self-candor and accountability
  • Emotional Intelligence made practical
  • Change, disruption, transition, and stress
  • Ingredients for a change-ready mindset

These three sessions will be interactive, relevant, candid, engaging, practical, fun, and dynamic. Drawing from cognitive psychology, system thinking, gestalt psychology, provocative coaching and pragmatic philosophy, Carolien Moors will help you to SHIFT into a leadership mindset to achieve your personal and professional goals.

About Carolien Moors

CarolienMoorCarolien is an executive coach and leadership development expert, specializing in executive, team and employee development. She teaches Leading Change, Leading Transitions at the University of Minnesota and has been a keynote speaker for Wells Fargo, HR connection, RESOURCE, MindSurf, PEN, Minnesota Career Development Association, and Twin Cities Human Resource Association. Carolien spent 23 years in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Belgium and the US as a psychologist and organizational coach, trainer and speaker. She is known worldwide for increasing employee, team and organizational effectiveness that endures.

Cognitive psychology, system thinking, provocative coaching and gestalt psychology form the pillars of Carolien’s interventions, combined with the following three philosophies:

  • Humanistic philosophy: Close, personal relationships give meaning to life including professional life
  • Pragmatic philosophy: Usefulness is an important determinant of the worth of an idea/intervention
  • Intellectual philosophy: The desire to understand people, organizations & the world

Facilitators: Carolien Moors, Anthony Verderame, and Al Watts
Where: James J. Hill Center, St. Paul

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Session fee (includes all three sessions):  $75 for members;  $150 for non-members

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