October 2019 Workshops: Holiday Networking for Career Development & Job Search


Did you know that informational interviews and holiday functions are a great way to discover opportunities for a new job, promotion, or just to expand your own network? 

Did you know that between 70-80% of all jobs are obtained through the people we know? Networking is not only the most critical skill to have in job-search and career development, but perhaps in all of business. But many people avoid it, eliminating career and life-changing opportunities. Are you doing it?

Join executive career and job-search coach Nathan A. Perez, author of the multi-award winning The 20-Minute Networking Meeting (20MNM), and learn proven networking skills for job search; business development; and speed, spontaneous and social networking scenarios.

During this workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. The 5 most important parts of a networking meeting
  2. How to create a networking agenda
  3. How to construct key questions to lead a discussion
  4. How to expand a professional network with more names
  5. How to break into the Invisible/Hidden Job Market
  6. How to use your friends, family and complete strangers to land a job
  7. How to master a highly productive, efficient, and mutually beneficial meeting in 20 minutes.

What’s Included
The 20MNM seminar includes Nathan’s networking presentation, with short break, followed by a
a hands on interactive skill-building session.

Part 1 – Presentation – The 20-Minute Networking Meeting
Designed specifically for job-search, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting session will be a discussion of
common fears and myths around professional networking, and includes step-by-step discussion of how to
open with a solid impression; how to pull together resume material for a clean, clear professional overview;
how to ask and formulate relevant and informative questions as it pertains to job-search; how to expand a
professional network; and how to incorporate all of this into a structured, 20-minute meeting.

Part 2 – Skill-Building – Social, Speed, and Spontaneous Networking
The Part 2, Skill-Building session is focused on Social, Speed, and Spontaneous Networking scenarios. A
highly dynamic, hands-on attendee activity, the Skill-Building session consists of multiple exercises that
see attendees shaking hands, meeting others in the group, each time switching partners. This session is a
giant leap toward becoming comfortable meeting strangers, and is facilitated in a safe environment where
attendees can get in lots of practice with confidence before going out into the world.


The first time I really understood how to use networking as a viable and essential tool. ~ Jennifer C.


Whether you consider yourself an seasoned networker or you’re just getting started, Nathan will provide you with a proven formula so you can make the most of every holiday party or networking event that you attend this season!

Our Presenter

Nathan A. Perez i is an award-winning author, national speaker and executive career and job-search coach at Career Innovation, LLC., a consultancy that helps all experience levels of job-seekers from across the country. As part of his consultancy, Nathan continues to work in executive search in the Research function. Responsible for the first step in the executive recruitment process, Nathan devises the strategies of “where and how to find” qualified candidates for client companies. He has been cited by The Huffington Post as one of the most connected people on LinkedIn, world-wide.

Co-author of the award-winning job-search networking book The 20-Minute Networking Meeting, Nathan teaches its 5 principles to students, career coaches, executives and corporate sales teams across the country. An enthusiastic and hands-on coach, Nathan helps strengthen the presence of his job-searching clients by combining his executive search experience with 20 years of stage, film and television experience in New York City and Hollywood. He is a professional member of the Authors Guild; the National Speakers Association; Actors Equity Association (AEA), and a voting union member of The Screen-Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA). Nathan serves as Vice Chair at The Loft Literary Center, one of the nation’s leading literary arts centers, and lives in Minneapolis.

Two Workshop Opportunities

Monday, October 28 – Evening
6:00 pm – 6:30 pm – Registration
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm  – Workshop
Tuesday, October 29 – Daytime
11:30 – 12:00 pm – Registration
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm  – Workshop


AARP-MN Conference Room at the Mall of America
Mall of America, 228 West Market, 2nd floor on the West Side
Bloomington, MN,  55425
SHIFT Members: $15.00
Non-Members: $25.00


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