Facilitator Roundtables

Participation, Collaboration, Results.


What Does It Take To Be a Facilitator?

Participation, Collaboration, Results


A facilitator’s job is to support the group to do its best thinking, reflection, communication, and practice. A skilled facilitator encourages full participation, promotes mutual understanding, and cultivates shared responsibility. These are much-needed and highly regarded skills in practically all areas of life and work.
Has it been a while since you led a small group? Want to polish your team facilitation skills? How about stretching a bit to learn some practical techniques and facilitate an informal group for the first time? Join this roundtable discussion to share best practices you’ve learned, deepen your knowledge, sharpen skills, and increase your confidence. SHIFT will also provide optional follow-up opportunities to practice and ongoing support for further growth and development.


Facilitated by SHIFT Executive Director David Alley, SHIFT Members Susan Hawkins and others.

2015 Schedule to be determined.