August 2019 Forum – Tools for Building Your Brilliance with Jane Schuette

 Tools for Building Your Brilliance with Jane Schuette


Is “BUSY” your usual, one-word self-description? Is it hard to find the motivation and time to take care of you? Do you struggle to be perfect – to do more and to be better – yet you’re never quite “good” enough?


Is there really such a phenomenon as work/life balance? Many of us are too tired by the end of the day and work-week to even consider the “life” part. We know that we need to take care of ourselves but quite honestly, who has the time to fit in all that the health experts suggest? Life can be hard. Work can be harder. Roadblocks do come up and the key to success is how we manage them.

In this presentation, Jane Schuette will share how her teen years on she was a “self-help junkie” addicted to perfection. She was tired and worn out from trying to be more and do more and was STRESSED!   In tonite’s seesion Jane will walk you through how to perform a quick, memorable scan of your current life circumstances and help you decide where to personally focus to get your positive thinking revved up and working to your advantage.

Some things you’ll be learning how to do:

  1. Assess your current state of stress and work/life balance
  2. Develop a strong memorable method for managing your busy life while taking care of yourself
  3. Design a “floor plan” to build your brilliance

At the end of our evening together, you will leave with a deeper understanding of your own personal toolkit,  available to you as you strive to move your life from stressful survival to joyful living and into full personal brilliance.

Our Presenter

Jane Schuette, M.A. is a self-improvement author, executive coach, team facilitator, and motivational speaker. Her trademark is to breakdown complex information and models into practical application for fast, yet lasting results. Throughout a lifetime of research, she has collected the most effective practices and chosen tools designed to educate, energize, and inspire you to manage stress and improve relationships at work and home.  With that information she has developed a toolkit now featured in her forthcoming book – Building Your Brilliance. Her process is about helping individuals increase their self-awareness, claim their strengths, communicate to build trust and uncover brilliance! People in all walks of life and careers attest that Jane’s tools are easy to digest and implement helping to Build Brilliance in any life..


Monday, August 5, 2019
Networking: 6:15 – 7:00 pm
Presentation: 7:00-8:30 pm
Location: Minnesota State University Mankato at Edina


Event fee: $15 for members; $25 for non-members.




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