Oct 2014 – Carolien Moors, Candor and Accountability

To Be a Leader: Tell the Truth

Carolien Moors

Carolien Moors

Participants in the October 6 SHIFT Forum expected a discussion about candor, and candor was what they got. Right off the bat.

Speaker Carolien Moors greeted her audience with an challenge: “You are all liars!” To back up that charge, Moors asked a woman near the front how she responds when someone asks how she’s feeling. “Fine,” the woman answered. “And are you always fine?” asked Moors. “No,” the woman admitted.

We all shade the truth, Moors said, and we have our reasons: to avoid social conflict and to protect our self-esteem. But if we want to be leaders, we need candor, she argued. So our goal must be awareness and control of situations in which we are tempted to deceive others and ourselves.

In the presentation that followed, she provided a “mini-MBA” in psychology with a focus on candor and accountability.

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Submitted by Susan Krautbauer