May 5, 2014 – Richard Leider

May SHIFT Forum:  Life Reimagined – Discovering Your New Life Possibilities


The studios of Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) provided a stunning backdrop to SHIFT’s May 5th Forum. Over 160 people packed the facility to hear inspiring keynote speaker Richard Leider share his thoughts which were focused around his new book, Life Reimagined.   SHIFT, in joint partnership with AAPR and TPT, invited Richard to make this event part of his national coast-to-coast book tour.

Lucy Swift from TPT opened the session with a general welcome followed by David Alley, the Executive Director of SHIFT.  He provided an overview of SHIFT’s core mission, which is to help midlifers navigate transition in their work and lives.  David shared with the audience the way SHIFT’s mission dovetails with Richard’s desire to help people secure purpose and passion in their lives.

Richard gave an inspirational and challenging address. Through the power of storytelling, Richard shared with us his passion for helping individual’s to focus on their goals and reach them, as well as his core manifesto. This manifesto is comprised of three words:  Choice, curiosity and courage.   Richard explained that this is the basis upon which you not only can reinvent your life, but also help you to adapt and thrive in this completely new phase of life.

Richard noted that Boomers seem to expect that when we have reached this point in our lives we’d have everything under control.  What we didn’t expect was that we’d have to keep figuring it out, no matter what our age. One concept that he shared was how change is different than transition. Change happens whether we choose it or not. However, transition is how we deal with the changes that inevitably come in our lives.   In order to be successful in making a positive transition we must be wiling to do critical ‘inner transition work first, so that we can positively move through the change rather than just reacting to the circumstances that we face.

Another profound truth Richard shared with the audience is the liberating notion that each of us is “an experiment of one,” free to find our own path in this new phase of our lives. We don’t need to be limited by old rules, or outdated societal norms, or boundaries of convention or expectations. During this insightful group conversation Richard not only challenged us to move from the closed door behind us to the doors that lie ahead that we haven’t even seen yet, but also pointed us to the tools to help actually do so in his book, Life Reimagined.

The great news is that an exceptional, satisfying, and meaningful life is within your grasp – providing you understand life basics, and are willing to become creative with your own life’s design.  If you’ve ever wanted to reimagine and redesign your life, this book is the missing manual you’ve been looking for.  Take the challenge and make steps to reimagine yourself this summer.  You can join others on this journey by registering for SHIFT’s workshop on Life Reimainged – A Deeper Dive.

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Submitted by Susan Krautbauer