Mar 2014 Debby Magnuson

March SHIFT Forum – Work with Me!  Developing Your Personal Value Proposition


Speaking on March 3 in the packed Ecolab Community Room at Metro State University, leadership development consultant Debby Magnuson reminded her SHIFT Forum audience that self-awareness is crucial for anyone looking at a career or life transition. Using her own career path as an example, she urged job-seekers and others making big midlife changes to develop a personal value proposition.

DebbyMagnuson2_1394069529829 As part of her presentation, she shared a value proposition worksheet developed by Career Partners International Twin Cities, where she is vice president of talent management. She says carefully weighing these questions can help in deciding what goals to let go of, what to preserve, and what to add on.

  1. What is your main area of subject/industry expertise?
  2. What job title or functional role best describes you?
  3. What are you know for? What is your reputation? How have others described you?
  4. What are our key skills, competencies, or abilities?
  5. What notable outcomes have you achieved?
  6. What are you looking for in your next job? In what industry?
  7. What differentiates you? What do you contribute that is unique?


For those who missed her SHIFT Forum appearance, Debby has made her PowerPoint presentation available online.


About Debby


Debby Mdebbymagnusonagnuson is an executive coach, career counselor, and leadership development consultant and speaker.    One of her research and presentation specialties is managing across generations, and she is co-author of the book, Work With Me: A New Lens on Leading the Multigenerational Workforce.    Debby has been a regular keynote speaker, group facilitator and presenter to audiences large and small for many years.

As an executive coach Debby works with clients to:

  • Evaluate skills, values, interests, strengths, and preferences
  • Develop a deeper self awareness of goals and aspirations
  • Confirm commonality of experiences with others
  • Assess current behaviors in context of their impact on future happiness and well being
  • Measure preparedness for the next stage of life
  • Plan for later life options and implement the plan to achieve new goals

Before joining CPI, Debby was Sr. Consultant in Leadership Development for Personnel Decisions International (PDI), where she worked with corporate leadership teams on a wide variety of development topics.  Her business experience includes 17 years with Dayton’s/Marshall Fields and Target Corporation as a sales educator and leadership development facilitator.  Debby is on the faculty of St. Catherine University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program, and she is an instructor in St. Kate’s Leaders of the New Millennium program for emerging women business leaders.

Submitted by Susan Krautbauer & Kathy Kacher