Jan 2014 Ann Ulrich

January SHiFT Forum – *Go BOLDly. Confidently. Your Next Success? It’s Up To YOU!*™


Ann Ulrich, self-leadership expert, award-winning leader and owner of The BOLD! Factor® Keynotes and BEST BOLD U™ Self-Leadership Events,  entertained our SHIFT community at the January Forum sharing personal stories from her three decades of business adventures that included:

  • From Rookie to Executive
  • From The Runway To The Boardroom
  • From Employee To Intrepreneur
  • To Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Ann shared her thoughts on reinvention and how it is a part of everyday life. She challenged the audience to turn their thoughts upside down and to practice small acts of new confidence in our lives.  During the round-table breakouts, SHIFT participants had lively discussions that ranged from jettisoning things to risking imperfection in our lives.

A great example of our time together was discussion centered around a quote Ann shared from the soulful musician Leonard Cohen.  It reads:  “Forget your perfect offering.  There is a crack in everything. Its how the light gets in.”     One insightful gentleman in the audience turned that thought on it’s ear by saying, “It’s not only how the light gets in, but it’s also how our lightshines out too!”

She encouraged all of us to DO ONE BOLD THING. We would like to thank Ann for her time and energy.  If you would like to learn more about Ann’s story you can visit her at http://annulrich.com/


About Ann

Ann believes that now and then we all need fresh perspective and a trusted guide to champion our best, so she created BEST BOLD U™ Self-Leadership Events to provide Personalized Professional Development, championing inspired motivated men & women to bring their best to achieve they success they crave.

Ann believes in shifting from Old To BOLD, that reinvention is now part of everyday life, and that the more accomplished we think we are, the more we need to go be at Rookie at something again!

33d4b13“I wear my passion on my sleeve

and when I have no sleeve

I wear my passion on my arm.”

AnnUlrich, Owning It! at THE BOLD! FACTOR® and BEST BOLD U™

Inspired to champion inspired people, Ann created THE BOLD! FACTOR® & BEST BOLD U™ based on leadership, observation, research, curiosity, insights & a few decades of eye-heart-and-mind-opening realities of business & life: exciting twists & turns, trip-ups & exhilarating triumphs along the way!

Called real and refreshing, Ann is an accomplished, versatile Business Leader who “puts soul behind the steel” achieving results w/ strategic vision, observation, curiosity, research, rapport-building, positive disruption, creative strategy, inspired action, inspired downtime, learning from fails w/ vulnerability, resiliency, confidence.

A dynamic leader & entrepreneur known for rallying individuals & teams to accomplish things they didn’t think they could achieve; Ann is recognized for taking bold steps as catalyst for positive change & growth.

Named: Business Changemaker, Woman of Influence, Industry Leader, Outstanding Woman In Business.

Submitted by Susan Krautbauer