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In less than ten years, SHIFT has made a difference for people in their midlife, serving as a compass to guide them as they navigate work/life transitions. Older workers, laid off during the Great Recession, remain out of work longer and are less likely to be re-employed than any other age group. Many of the 77 million midlifers approaching retirement intend to continue pursuing lives of purpose.

When you give to SHIFT, your donated funds are used to run the year-round programs that support our mission of providing support, education and workshops to people in midlife navigating work or life transition. The bulk of the money we receive goes directly to these initiatives. A portion is also used to serve day-to-day needs and operational expenses so we can continue to offer these programs to our members. Your generous support will help members of the growing SHIFT Community move toward sustainable lives that matter—and benefit society as a whole.

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What are our members saying about SHIFT?

“My involvement with SHIFT has made me feel supported by a community of people with similar struggles and questions.”

“Once I discovered SHIFT I haven’t missed a meeting. It has been an important support during my retirement transition.”

“I love the article links that are included in the newsletter e-mail blast. They are very informative and relevant and sometimes I pick up a book suggestion from it too.”

“SHIFT is addressing an important later-life issue and a growing trend in life transitions. It keeps me up to date on how such transitions are being addressed, and as I am interested in such transitions I tell people about the SHIFT model and the website, which allows me to be useful and current.”


SHIFT is registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations may be tax-deductible.  EIN# 65-1286548