Rethink What’s Possible

Life ReimaginedTime for your Checkup?

As a community for people during midlife who are navigating work/life transitions, SHiFT helps its members create pathways to meaningful and sustainable lives. This Newsletter goes to nearly 3,000 people. However, there are 300,000 members of AARP in the Twin Cities!

AARP recognized that people are looking for reputable, practical guidance to help them through all the twists, turns and options associated with this midlife transitions. To help fill this need, they created Life Reimagined: a resource that helps people find fresh meaning, create intentional change and rethink what’s possible. More than the average “self-help” offering, Life Reimagined is a personalized approach with resources that help people figure out where they are, explore options, determine what matters the most, and navigate changes.

SHIFT has joined forces with AARP to use Life Reimagined tools, and five of us have been certified as AARP Life Reimagined Guides. They are designed to be practical, to help people through decisions in the biggest areas of their lives, like careers, relationships, health and wellness. The Life Reimagined methodology is built from decades of research involving six specific practices that guide people through transitions.

At SHIFT we’ve observed the need for new language for people to discuss their transitions and sense of identify associated with their next steps, for reassurance about their choices and a community that challenges and supports them. SHIFT helps people navigate midlife transitions through groups and workshops like In and Out of Neutral, Circles, LifeWork Reimagined. The November Forum is a free, Life Reimagined Checkup and you are invited. Chick here (hotlink) to register!

SHIFT Happens – take care!
David Alley