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Can Minnesota survive the baby boomer retirement wave?

Article by: By Tad Vezner, Pioneer Press, January 30, 2016

How long will boomers work into retirement? So far, not much more than previous generations. Read More:

Tad Vezner – Can Minnesota survive the baby boomer retirement wave?




Brad Allen: Retirees are writing their own second acts

Article by: BRAD ALLEN, Star Tribune July 5, 2014

More and more boomers continue to work after age 65, and the reasons are as varied as their second acts. Read More:

Brad Allen- Retirees are writing their own second acts – StarTribune


Chris Farrell: Boomers and Millennials share goals and bonds

Article by: CHRIS FARRELL, Star Tribune June 15, 2014

For most, working in retirement is not simply more of the same,” the report noted. “In fact, many see retirement as a chance to try something new and even pursue career dreams they were unable to explore during their pre-retirement years.” Read More:

Boomers and Millentials Share Same Goals – Chris Farrell StarTribune June 15 2014

Chris Farrell spoke about his new book Unretirement at the SepteChrisFarrell2mber SHIFT Forum. Read about it here.


Jobs for Life?

Article by: Katy Read, Special to the Star Tribune February 25, 2014

More Americans these days say they’re in no hurry to retire at the traditional age of 65. A 2013 Gallup poll found that 37 percent of working people expect to stay on the job until they’re over 65, up from 14 percent a couple of decades ago. Read the article:

Jobs for Life? Star Tribune Feb 28 2014