March 2017 Forum Review – Enhance Your Marketability and Attract Opportunity

[After the Forum] something clicked.   I had an epiphany and identified my differentiators.  I updated my resume [and] it was so easy to prune once I had a strategy.   Employers are now more likely to know me in the six seconds spent reading my resume.  Jenny, Shehla and Betsy, know that you made a big difference and I truly appreciate your help. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making time to prepare excellent presentations.        

~Amy R,  March Forum Attendee

Enhance Your Marketability and Attract Opportunity. 

On March 6, 2017 close to 40 engaged midlifers gathered at the University of Mankato / Edina campus to learn how the career marketplace and technology are rapidly changing,  have a large impact on the ways employers find talent and how that effects SHIFT members who are in transition to new opportunities.

Thought leaders Betsy Shober, Jenny Jefferds, and SHIFT’s own Shehla Mushtaq of bCurrent!, a boutique career transition business, shared their years of experience and insight supporting people in job transition.  As a result, Forum attendees walked away with a powerful set of tools and strategies that will help them revamp and re-engergize their careers, whether they are content at their current job or currently in the midst of seeking a career change.

Key takeaways from the evening were:


  • Chronological format is best
    • Appearance is critical
  • 6 – 10 seconds: time spent on resume reads
  • Not too long: 1 to 2 pages max
  • Easy on the eyes and easy to read
  • Readable and understandable
  • No typos/misspellings
  • Highlight key words
  • Use summary statements
  • Omit objective

Linked In

  • Robust profile:
    • Enhance by completing the sub-sections
  • A professional photo is a must
    • You can test the look on
  • An eye-catching headline:
    • Who do you want to be seen as?
  • A current title:
    • Even one for when you are in transition
  • Summary statement
    • This is about you as a person, not a role or title
  • Must include: contact information


  • Make a prioritized contact list
  • Arrange 20-30 minute meetings
    • In person is best
    • Easiest locations for your contact
  • Outline expectation: Information? Advice? Referrals?
  • Be Prepared
    • Research person, background and roles
  • Be focused, respect time
  • Follow-up
  • Keep records- date, name, contact info, follow-up plan
  • Do not discount anyone
About Our Guest Speakers
Betsy Shober has enjoyed a career in human resource management at several premier Twin city firms and currently leads an executive search firm.  Jenny Jefferds’ background includes education and business, currently leading the business development and sales functions for a growing, highly successful technology consulting firm.   Shehla Mushtaq’s career spans software engineering and program management leadership roles, developing and implementing complex technical solutions for government agencies around the world.  Shehla has been a board member of SHIFT since 2016.