Saturday SHIFT-In: St. Paul, East Side


Saturday SHIFT-In  (St. Paul East)

For those who would like to work with an ongoing group in a slightly more relaxed structure, Saturday SHIFT-In provides that extra boost of encouragement to achieve your goals.

Saturdays from 8:15 am-9:30 am

See the SHIFT calendar or Facebook page to confirm dates, possible changes in schedule

Please note that due to the unexpected closure of the Goat Cafe, we are searching for a new regular meeting space.  In the meantime, please refer to the reminder email sent out on Friday morning for this week’s Saturday meet-up location.  You can also find recent communication on our Facebook page  – search for SHIFTOnlineMN.

Suggested Donation: $5.00 per drop-in session, payable at the door.

Please note: We ask that you support Goat Coffeehouse by planning to purchase a beverage/breakfast item.

Your Facilitators


Judy Davis is a career Early Childhood Trainer and Consultant, as well as the owner of JDavis Kids at Heart.  Judy shares her experience with SHIFT and how she came to co-facilitate The St. Paul SHIFT-In group below: “SHIFT-In has been an important part of my life for the past 6 years. My first encounter came as a friend who worked at SHIFT invited me to attend the new St. Paul Group to help me get my part-time job off the ground. Not only did I receive the support I needed to increase my business, I learned a variety of skills from all of the remarkable people in the group that included; assistance in marketing techniques, pricing negotiation, and resources for personal enhancement. It kept me coming back to the SHIFT-In groups. I have retired officially from my part-time job, and now SHIFT-In is there to help transition into more leisure time, providing me with continued friendships, helping me to be accountable to a variety of personal growth activities and to be able to support and give back to others who have become apart of our St. Paul SHIFT-In.”

Micheal Betting.  Mike said he was attracted to the concept of SHIFT after being told about it by one of the co-founders, Jan Hively.  He has a background working with the younger end of the age spectrum for 30 years.  His experience with groups and personal development motivated him to support the small-group energy of the Saturday morning sessions in St. Paul.  He sees how the stories of life-experiences, listening to others’ ideas and insights has helped him grow as a person.  The groups’ participants have found meaning in their transitions in astounding ways and seeing those successes keeps him committed to seeing SHIFT-In available to others in the Twin Cities communities.

We’ll see you on Saturday mornings!