Saturday SHIFT-In

We are all learners. We are all teachers.

Saturday SHIFT-In

For those who would like to work with an ongoing group in a slightly more relaxed structure, Saturday SHIFT-In provides that extra boost of encouragement to achieve your goals.  Are you looking for your “tribe”? Come join us, won’t you?


Saturdays from 8:30 am-10 am Central U.S. time

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Where: Virtual Zoom Meeting Registration and Links are sent out each week to the registration list above.

Suggested Donation: $5.00 per drop-in session, payable at registration.

Your Facilitators:

Catherine Mullinax-Jones. In my years with SHIFT I have had the privilege of working with all of these exceptional people who come to SHIFT, all wrestling with similarities in the issues we are dealing with, health, health costs, children in college and launching, aging parents who are growing more dependent, and managing their own wealth for “retirement”. That is the outside stuff.  Midlifers have all gone through amazing gains, loses and transitions.

On the inside these are people that are vibrant, brilliant, and creative that are searching for the next, or completely new opportunities. They bring a depth of experience to the task. Sometimes the depth is a well to be climbed out of, others it is a well in which to plumb the depths for treasure, frequently both at the same time. The courage I witness every day is astounding. The word “retirement” is not the goal. It is the thing that you can choose to take, and then there is the open vista of possibilities. If anything, the endless options are what is overwhelming. I bristle at the saying that 60 is the new 40. It is not. 60 is the new 60, and the 70 is the new 70, and 80 is the new 80. We are not passive participants.

I believe that “once curious…always curious”. And we, with our wisdom-highlighted hair, are focusing our curiosity on the world around us, showing up as we are, and making change for good!   Catherine has a long and varied career, earned a degree in Architecture and is a certified Life Coach.


Norm Plasch. Norm has been has been actively involved with SHIFT for the past six years.    He has provided guidance to mid-life audiences as an inspiring facilitator and presenter for the past 15 years. His blend of real life examples and humor help provide the audience with a message of hope.Norm and his wife, Roxanne, live in Lakeville, Minnesota.  They have two married adult children and four granddaughters. Norm’s professional experience includes his position as Project Manager Development Program Manager with the Minnesota Department of Transportation where he has been employed for 33 years and he is a former Director with the Lakeville Public Schools Board of Education.


Susan J Krautbauer.  I know what it’s like to be stuck. I’ve totally been in your shoes and know how hard it can be to want a change but not know what to do or how to get there. Although I loved my career, I found myself feeling quite stuck about the time I turned 50. I really craved more meaningful, exciting work. I was also bored and no longer content doing the same thing over and over. I wanted more. I felt it deep inside.But…I was afraid of having regrets. Scared of stepping away from the financial security of “the job”.    Then circumstances in my life forced me to re-examine my priorities, both professionally and personally, and to  make some big, epic changes. This is why I get what you’re going through. I was there too. I know first-hand what it’s like to feel stuck and be fearful about change. I also know what it’s like to bust through. From career changes, to grown children, to care-giving for elderly loved ones, I’m in the front seat of the E-Ticket Ride called Midlife (sound familiar?) Susan’s professional experience includes mentoring and leadership positions in the information technology industry and holds a degree in Family Social Science from the U of MN.


Judy Davis is a career Early Childhood Trainer and Consultant, as well as the owner of JDavis Kids at Heart. Judy shares her experience with SHIFT and how she came to co-facilitate the SHIFT-In group below: “SHIFT-In has been an important part of my life for the past 6 years. My first encounter came as a friend who worked at SHIFT invited me to attend the new St. Paul Group to help me get my part-time job off the ground. Not only did I receive the support I needed to increase my business, I learned a variety of skills from all of the remarkable people in the group that included; assistance in marketing techniques, pricing negotiation, and resources for personal enhancement. It kept me coming back to the SHIFT-In groups. I have retired officially from my part-time job, and now SHIFT-In is there to help transition into more leisure time, providing me with continued friendships, helping me to be accountable to a variety of personal growth activities and to be able to support and give back to others who have become apart of our SHIFT-In family.”


Micheal Betting. Mike said he was attracted to the concept of SHIFT after being told about it by one of the co-founders, Jan Hively. He has a background working with the younger end of the age spectrum for 30 years. His experience with groups and personal development motivated him to support the small-group energy of the Saturday morning sessions. He sees how the stories of life-experiences, listening to others’ ideas and insights has helped him grow as a person. The groups’ participants have found meaning in their transitions in astounding ways and seeing those successes keeps him committed to seeing SHIFT-In available to others in the Twin Cities communities.


We’ll see you on Saturday mornings!