Summer Circles

We are all Learners. We are all Teachers.



“It’s funny that people show up to the Shift Circles and say “I don’t know what this group is about, but I decided to come”.   Then they talk about something and it’s just what I needed to hear.”
                                                                                                          – Mike Moreland, Summer Circles Participant


For those who would like to work with an on-going group in a slightly more relaxed structure, Summer Circles provides that extra boost of encouragement to achieve your goals.

Summer Circles is designed to be part of your support system reminding you of the things you can do to support yourself, offering guidance as you walk this path, and providing a community to share the experience with.  At its essence, Summer Circles will help energize and create momentum for you while encouraging your clear navigation toward your life goals.
This informal summer format will consist of six one-hour breakfast meetings over the summer months.  By using a shorter, drop-in format for the meetings, we hope this will provide members with flexible options that will fit within your busy summer schedule.

In the context of this group, you will be supported in who you truly are, as each participant commits to sharing their goals and supporting each other as each individual moves towards their life’s purpose and passion.


Circle Alums that have completed at least one Circle Session to participate.


Saturdays from 8:00 am – 9:00 am

June 21 – COMPLETE
July 12 – COMPLETE
Aug 16 – RSVP
Aug 23 – RSVP


The Butter Bakery Cafe
3700 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409  (37th Street and Nicollet Ave)

Fees:  $5.00 per drop-in session, payable at the door.

Please note:  We ask that you would support our hosts, The Butter Bakery, by planning to purchase a beverage/breakfast item as well.

Your Facilitators:

Catherine Mullinax-Jones               Susan Krautbauer                         Susan Hawkins

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We’ll see you on Saturday!