Saturday SHIFT-IN

We are all learners. We are all teachers.



“It’s funny that people show up to the Saturday SHIFT-IN and say, ‘I don’t know what this group is about, but I decided to come.’ Then they talk about something and it’s just what I needed to hear.”

– Mike Moreland, Saturday SHIFT-IN participant


Saturday SHIFT-IN


For those who would like to work with an ongoing group in a slightly more relaxed structure, Saturday SHIFT-IN provides that extra boost of encouragement to achieve your goals.

Saturday SHIFT-IN is designed to be part of your support system reminding you of the things you can do to support yourself, offering guidance as you walk this path, and providing a community to share the experience with. At its essence, Saturday SHIFT-IN will help energize and create momentum for you while encouraging clear navigation toward your life goals.

This informal group meets on selected Saturdays throughout the year. By using a shorter, drop-in format for the meetings, we hope to provide members with flexible options that will fit within your busy schedule.

In the context of this group, you will be supported in who you truly are, as each participant commits to sharing their goals and supporting each other as each individual moves towards their life’s purpose and passion.

Minneapolis Lowry Hill East – 8:15 am

Minneapolis Uptown – 11:15 am

St. Paul Roseville – 8:15 am


Courtesy of Star Tribune

Courtesy of Star Tribune

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Unretirement:  Life after Work

On Saturday, January 24th, Star Tribune writer Katie Read attended the Minneapolis Saturday SHIFT-IN group to ask us what we thought about Unretirement.  Click to read the article.